About Us

The law firm of the future, we are the leading full-service law firm in UAE, providing innovative solutions to our clients across a wide range of sectors.

Keith Keller
Hamdan Rashoud Al zeyoudi
Advocates & Legal Consultants

Who We Are

The Firm works as a main legal advisor and provides legal services for a great number of leading companies in the industrial, commercial and different services areas, relying on the national, Arab and foreign efficiencies who provide first class legal services. The Firm has international cooperation with many Arab and world legal firms, as consideration to the interests of its customers and principals to secure and guarantee the best services.


We value practical experience as much as scientific experience. Therefore, we employ staff at the highest level of multiple nationalities, provided that they have long experience in the legal field and in all legal aspects. We also provide them with all means of research and training that enable them to deal with all issues. Contemporary and qualitative in relation to the legal systems in the United Arab Emirates. Our partners are always at the forefront when dealing with any matter, and they always lead work teams that are constantly close to the client and keen on the relationship, and we are aware and understand all the details of their business with us.



Advocacy is a free profession participates The judiciary in achieving justice, asserting the rule of law, and ensuring the right to defend the rights and freedoms of citizens. The profession of attorney is practiced independently and alone and there is no authority over them except for their consciences and the provisions of the law

Our Values

We are keen to use a mix of traditional and modern means while maintaining communication with the customer continuously to discuss all the changes that occur during the progress of the case and its impact On the expected results when the judgment is issued.

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