Financial Crime

Our regional Financial Crime team is a leader in the provision of advisory and litigation services in white collar crimes to a wide range of clients, including financial institutions, government-owned entities, multi-national corporations, high net worth individuals and family businesses.

Instructions to our Financial Crime team often come from international law firms, multinationals, Government-owned entities, high net worth individuals and family businesses who recognise that we have the capability and experience to offer their clients the best local law advice and assistance in the region.

Our team consists of lawyers from various civil law and common law jurisdictions and includes both native Arabic and English speakers with international and regional expertise. We provide our clients with the comprehensive service that they need, from initial advice to drafting in Arabic or English, to advocacy in the local courts.

Our Financial Crime team also enjoys close relationships with both local and international Government bodies across the Middle East region and international organisations, and is able to leverage these connections when advising on contextual and regulatory developments related to financial crime.

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