Innovation & Patents

3IP Model – Combining Innovation, Patents and Industrial Property

Our cutting-edge Innovation & Patents practice is designed based on a pioneering 3IP service model offering unique and innovative 3IP services to our clients throughout the entire innovation life cycle.

From innovation readiness capabilities, the strategy and design of innovation projects, the formation of an innovation pipeline, to legal protection, monetization and commercialisation of resulting innovations and technologies.  We also support our clients in enforcing their patents and other intellectual property rights pertaining to their technologies and innovations against infringers and defending against third party claims.

3D Expertise – Combining Legal, Technical and Business

We combine a three-dimensional (3D) expertise in the legal, technical and business fields to offer the most effective integrated approach for safe innovation.

Our Safe Innovation approach requires:

  1. Legal services are delivered in a business and technically sound way;
  2. Business services are delivered in a technically smart and legally compliant way;
  3. Technical services are delivered in a business friendly and legally aware way;
  4. 3IP services are created and delivered from synergizing the above a), b) and c) according to a uniquely designed innovative 3IP Model addressing pressing client challenges and needs.

By connecting legal, business, and technical expertise, we offer clients a full service that combines IP, technical and business consultancy in context of research and development (R&D), innovation, and technology under one roof across the Middle East.

Our multi-disciplinary team is comprised of seasoned intellectual property (IP), tech transfer and commercial lawyers, patent attorneys, scientists, technical experts, and business consultants.

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