Sometimes, for a conflict to be resolved all you need is a good mediator. In our region, the best mediators come from Hamdan Rashoud Al zeyoudi.

Our approach is that the mediation process should be considered as an option for the resolution of any dispute between two or more parties.

The earlier the mediation can take place, the greater will be the saving in terms of costs both of time and legal fees and the best chance will be provided to maintain a good relationship between the parties.

Our team of mediators are fully trained and accredited by leading mediation institutions. They are available to act as mediators in a broad range of commercial and corporate disputes, including shareholder disputes, property disputes, construction and engineering disputes, financial services, commodities and insurance. We offer mediation services conducted in Arabic as well as in English.

If you have a dispute that you wish to resolve and you are considering mediation, reach out to us.

We will act as your legal advisers and as counsel and guide you through the whole process.

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