If You Have A Case Why Consult Your Friend?

Did you know that 95% of those who preferred to consult their friends over consulting a lawyer or legal advisor, and even if they consulted the best lawyers or legal advisors, they are often led by the advice of their friends or relatives, violating the right legal opinion:
The awareness and awareness of the legal mandate of this problem and its consequences was great, and over the course of many meetings and continuous discussions with the legal work team and by asking their clients, they were able to identify the causes of the problem and also find solutions that reassure the client and instill confidence in his heart and reassure him about his future and the future of his business and investments.

This problem is due to several reasons, which are summarized below:
1. The belief of some that the great love for family and friends and their concern for their interests is greater and deeper than the love and concern of a lawyer.
2. Fear of paying large fees for legal advice or any other sums,
3. Some of the negative experiences of family and friends that they share, which increases the fear of the case owner or legal advice from communicating with the lawyer or legal advisor.

The awareness of this problem at the outset made her deeply aware that her primary goal in the stages of building her relationship with her clients is to deepen trust. There is no doubt that every client who requests delegation advice is confident to a certain degree in the company and in its professional legal team, but the company was not satisfied with this reasonable level of trust. It wants deep trust based on experience with the company and with its lawyers and legal advisors, and it was her first step to deepen trust between her and the client: adopting the utmost frankness and clarity with the client from the first sight, so that the legal advisors tell the client all the details of his legal problem and all the implications of it transparently Completely and without any embellishment or embellishment of the situation he is facing or suffering from, regardless of whether this frankness and clarity will inspire hope in the same client of this opinion or not.

Also, in a serious attempt to ease the financial burdens on the client, I decided to provide free legal advice in all types of lawsuits, cases or legal problems – commercial cases – rental cases – civil cases – financial claims – criminal cases, drug and abuse cases – contracts and agreements, and they were not satisfied with that. They even made two types of free legal advice, which are phone legal advice and remote legal advice.
TAFWEED is still working and developing as the best lawyer and legal advisor that puts the client as the first and most important priority and is keen to support him and secure his future in all possible ways.

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