Defence & Security

The defence and security industry is one that operates like no other. The projects that arise are complex and tend to involve international trade, intellectual property, sovereign contracts and procurement laws.

The Middle East rank five countries in the top ten of the biggest spending nations per capita in the world on defence and security. On average, MENA countries spend 13% of their fiscal budgets on defence annually.  Saudi Arabia is spending close to 30% making it the third largest military spending nation in the world, closely followed by the United Arab Emirates.

With political volatility set to continue in the early part of this decade, defence and security will remain at the top of the agenda for Middle East and North African governments, with defence spending forecast to continue growing at forecast rates, or exceeding forecasts, making this an essential target for defence and security sector suppliers.

At Hamdan Rashoud Al zeyoudi, our deep understanding of defence and security combined with our practical legal experience is why we are the go-to law firm for private sector clients. Our in-depth expertise of local armed forces procurement laws along with other applicable regulations in each of the jurisdictions that we operate, along with our ability to handle matters in Arabic, English, or many other languages, make our service-offering unparalleled.

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